Vision and mission

Our mission

We improve people’s lifestyles through entertainment. With the help of our products, we enable well-being and socializing for all age groups all over the world.

Together we are stronger

We value a work environment that is focused on the individual and strive for this together with colleagues and suppliers worldwide.

Our goal is to become a leading company in the field of leisure.

Our vision

With quality products, we bring fun into people’s lives and create a rich and stimulating work environment for everyone who works with us. Our core value is respect for transparency and trust.

We are building an open and honest environment

All our efforts are aimed at building an open and sincere environment, where relationships between us and our customers, colleagues and partners are built on the foundation of trust. People are at the heart of our system, as we value our community as our most valuable asset. We believe in the power of exchanging ideas, listening and constructive dialogue.

Green Lira

We are aware of the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable behavior. We are committed to creating a greener future based on innovative technologies and materials that reduce energy, water and waste consumption.